On the Farm

  • Turn poverty in plenty with high-quality seeds that help a farm grow hardier, more plentiful crops.

  • Gift a double blessing of nourishment and self-sufficiency to a family in need.

  • Provide income, shade and improved biodiversity for a farmer.

  • Lift farm families out of poverty with seedlings that sprout into high-value crops.

  • Ensure a steady supply of eggs to nourish a hungry family and provide extra income.

  • Provide lasting blessings for families in need.

  • Sheep are a lasting source of nutritious milk as well as wool for warm blankets and sweaters.

  • Equip a farmer with helpful tools to care for her farm.

  • Give a milk-and-egg super food combo to keep families healthy and nourished.

  • Give the gift of know-how to help a struggling farmer.

  • Provide years of lasting blessings for families in need.

  • Produce lasting, positive change for families throughout the year — and years to come.

  • Deliver water to an entire community’s fields.